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PDO threads in London

I am delighted to have been featured in Surrey Rocks Magazine.

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Where art meets science.
EQlibrium Clinic Weybridge, Surrey & Harley St, London
Home to Natasha Gordana- Murray, the UKs leading PDO Thread, Anti-ageing & aesthetics expert.
With a long list of celebrity clients, Natasha specialises in elegant & natural aesthetics, cutting edge treatments & phenomenal life changing transformations.
Offering PDO brow, neck and full facelifts, PDO body threads, injectables, skin boosters, dermal filler, fat dissolving, skin tightening, slimming & fat loss, cosmetic surgery concierge and post surgery care.
Master of complex reconstructive, corrective & complications work.

PDO Thread lifting – The key to beautiful elegant tight skin.

The revolutionary treatment that is redefining aesthetics.

Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Eva Mendes & Angelina Jolie are just some of the celebrity fans of PDO threads.

 The best defence against ageing.

Collagen and Elastin are what keeps our skin youthful & tight. Unfortunately, as we age, the rate of collagen renewal decreases. This causes the skin to lose that youthful tenacity. The skin begins to sag and becomes crepey, with often a loss of volume & wrinkles that make us look older.

The magic of threads

A thread lift is a procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to tighten, lift, define , contour and add or decrease volume where needed.
PDO threads also bio-stimulate. They cause the body to produce additional collagen, elastin and fibroblasts over the treatment area which rejuvenates the skin.
The threads used are made of medical-grade polydioxanone (PDO), an extremely safe material that has been used in surgery for many years and dissolves over time.

Inventor of The EQ Lift

I have designed a protocol for those looking for a non surgical PDO facelift or body treatment with amazing results.My passion for PDO threads is unrivalled. Initially I trained in threads under a maxillofacial surgeon and have since trained with some of the best doctors in the world. I have perfected my own signature techniques that deliver the most spectacular results known as the ‘EQ lift’.

The EQ lift is the perfect alternative to a surgical facelift for anyone who wants to sculpt & define or benefit from a lifted, more youthful appearance.
PDO threads are the most groundbreaking development in anti ageing. What we can achieve with these threads is truly phenomenal. From lifting, rejuvenation, creating structure & volume to all over body tightening!
I believe I can make most people look at least 10 years younger as well as refreshed, balanced and beautified.
I give each client natural & elegant looking results using the principals of profile balancing. In addition to lifting & restructuring my clients look tighter, younger, glowy & rejuvenated.
PDO treatment areas….
Threads can treat most parts of your face & body
  • Jowls
  • Double chin
  • Mid Face
  • Lower face/ Jawline
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Full Facelift
  • Neck Lift
  • Deep set lines
  • Rejuvenation
  • Scar tissue
  • Pigmentation
  • Body lifts & tightening

Why chose PDO threads?

-It’s safe & effective.
-It’s a less invasive procedure than surgery.
-It bio-stimulates the skin using your own natural collagen.
-Performed using local anaesthetic so virtually pain free with no downtime. You can drive home after the procedure.
-The results are natural looking, elegant looking but impressive. It’s a great alternative to dermal fillers & other procedures that often change a persons features.
Here we are really working on the integrity of the skin and enhancing your own natural beauty.
-The results are immediate but get better over time with the effects lasting up to 2 years.
-It is a powerful preventative tool to slow down ageing.
-Threads can often be used to correct asymmetry whether natural or as a result of birth, paralysis, accident or injury.
-Threads can be used to improve pigmentation and scar tissue.
Strictly by appointment only.
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