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My Health Story

A previous athlete, I have worked in the health & fitness sector (owning health clubs & a sports modelling agency) for 15 years previously to opening EQlibrium Clinic. After a debilitating skiing accident, I found myself in double leg braces for just under a year, unable to walk, run my health clubs or live life as I did before. Recovery was abnormally slow. I was not healing as I should have been. Chronic pain & inflammation took over my whole body. Every joint hurt and I lived every day swollen and in pain and no medication or treatment available would help. I felt I had exhausted all of my options.

I took my health into my own hands. I visited many specialists for a huge range of alternative pain treatments. A few months later I was told of a surgeon abroad.He diagnosed me with a genetic stage 2 connective tissue disorder that was only triggered after my skiing accident. I had painful fat cells all over my body that were preventing my lymphatic system and immune system from working as it should be. The inflammation in my body and fibromyalgia like symptoms left me swollen and in chronic pain with arthritis spreading in my joints, neck and spine. I then travelled across the world to have 2 major surgeries to 70  percent of my body.

I continued with the most effective alternative treatments to help me with my own symptoms & recovery, whilst doing hours of gym & physio work to regain my mobility and strength.

I studied, read books and learnt more about the lymphatic system, gut health, inflammation, chronic pain, genetics and anything I could use to help myself live pain free. Inflammation is the root of most pain and most of our immune system is in our Gut and Lymphatic system.  I acquired these very machines that helped me to treat my own ailments & inflammation and to boost my own immune system & lymphatic system. I connected with amazing practitioners including chiropractors, nutritional therapists, surgeons , lymphatic drainage practitioners ,post surgery care experts and anyone who knew about inflammation and how to reduce it. My own standard of life, health & fitness improved using all of the methods I had learnt and I was suddenly pain free and managing this disease I was born with. I created a non profit support group for other people worldwide struggling with similar illnesses and struggling to get help or seeking affordable treatment. But in addition I wanted to help people locally living in pain & inflammation or with compromised lymphatic & immune systems. Whether arthritis, fibromyalgia, lipoedema, lymphedema, ME/ chronic fatigue, sports injuries, sports rehab, injury care or  post surgery care I found that many of these could be helped with alternative treatments such as Lymphatic drainage, Cryotherapy, Cryostimulation, Massage therapies,  Injectables & more. I realised that people do not have to live in so much pain. There are so many treatments available & lifestyle changes that help people but its often knowing about them. I wanted to also  create a network of tried and tested practitioners I could refer people to.

Health ( lymphatics, pain & inflammation) & Aesthetics are my main life passions. I opened my clinic offering treatments for health to make people feel better inside but now I get to  help my clients feel great from the outside too.

pro thread queen Natasha