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What are my favourite aesthetic treatments?

I only do treatments in my aesthetic clinics that I have tried and tested on myself. In fact, every product we have at the clinics I try on myself first (if suitable). If I find a product doesn’t work very well, I certainly don’t want to offer that to my clients. This is because I want all of my clients to come back and absolutely love their results. this means that I absolutely love all the treatments that I offer, but I do have some personal favourites that I feel keep me looking fresh.

1- profhilo is one of my favourite treatments. I do this 3 times per year at least on my face. I’m going to start some Profhilo on my neck and décolletage this year more as a preventative as I think it’s an area that women really show their age.

2- PDO threads- I couldn’t be the PDO thread queen if I didn’t truly love them myself. I love that they look so natural and don’t add volume. They just tighten the skin so that you don’t lose your own natural appearance and also help you stay contoured. Filler can create unwanted volume and I always say, ‘ think more Angelina Jolie than Madonna’. That’s the difference between threads and filler. I also really love that they are biodegradable, trigger your own natural collagen and extremely safe. So I have my PDO threads every year, and also use the smaller threads on my face and body to keep the skin looking tight and youthful.

3- Botox – I love Botox. I’m a big fan of still having movement ( but not lines) as I’m quite expressive. I like to be able to raise my eyebrows and not look too frozen. I also love to do my Botox so that it gives me an eyebrow lift. People don’t realise how much you can do with Botox. It’s actually quite an art , practised by many but mastered by very few. I would definitely say that my Botox ability is another one of my strong points and it’s also exceptionally preventative as a treatment.


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