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Get the airbrushed look! Profhilo is a  long-lasting injectable that delivers dramatic age reversing results.

It works on

  • wrinkles
  • skin texture
  • scarring
  • pigmentation
  • hollows

It also acts as an injectable moisturiser, tightens the skin and gives you an airbrushed glow

This is our most popular treatment for men & women.

An anti-aging treatment  that is so good that the results speak for themselves, making Profhilo a fantastic pick-me-up to achieve younger, tighter, and plumper skin.

Profhilo is used to treat skin laxity and improve skin quality. It can be used to treat skin laxity and skin quality, almost anywhere.


  • The face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Hands
  • Inner arms.
  • Knees

Generally, patients report an overall improvement in skin hydration, brightness, smoothness and firmness.


profile in weybridge and Harley street

Book your appointment for Profilho in Weybridge, Surrey or Harley Street, London with EQlibrium.

If you’re looking for a non-surgical anti-ageing treatment that’s safe, effective and long-lasting then Profhilo could be the answer.

Profhilo® is for the treatment of skin laxity of the face, neck and body with additional benefits to skin quality and texture.

Profhilo® has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid currently on the market. While Dermal Fillers aim to replace lost volume for their duration in the skin, Profhilo® provides intense hydration to skin tissues and elegantly triggers collagen and elastin production to fight the ageing process.

Its a good option for those wanting dramatic results without changing the facial structure as does filler. For this reason it is a great treatment for men and women.

Initial treatment requires two sittings, four weeks apart with 2ml of Profhilo® per sitting with an option of a maintenance appointment.

The results can last up to two years.

Profhilo AddlestoneProfhilo in WeybridgeProfhilo cobhamskin booster weybridgeProfhilo in Surrey

Benefits of Profhilo

The extraordinary power of Profilho

  • Tighter skin
  • Brighter skin
  • Reduced scarring & pigmentation
  • Reduced dark circles
  • Increase of collagen
  • Replaced volume
  • Natural looking
  • Glowing skin

A revolution in skin care.

No real downtime.

You can even have on your lunch break.

Natural looking results.

You may have little bee sting like lumps for a short time after Profhilo as the product settles into the skin but these are minimal and not extremely noticeable.

Self confidence boosting.

This is a no-brainer when it comes to the life-changing advantages of aesthetics.

People  improve their self-confidence following their treatment. They simply love how their skin  looks and feels after visiting EQlibrum clinic in Weybridge Surrey. You can achieve amazing natural looking results and love how you look like never before.



Whatever your style... Instagram ready or timeless and classic

We understand that everyone has different ideas of beauty.

At EQlibrium we aim to enhance your own natural beauty to your standards.

In summary…

  • Results: Tend to appear gradually, so they seem natural
  • Downtime: None
  • Colourblind: Safe for people of all skin colors
  • Body-wide use: Can improve skin just about anywhere on your face or body
  • Time commitment: Most procedures take 15-30 minutes
  • Pain: May have some discomfort during the procedure, but that’s usually it
  • Makeup: Can often apply immediately after the procedure

Safety is our middle name.

Profhilo is an extremely  safe treatment treatment with minimal risks.

Our safety practises ensure we have minimal risks and complications.

What can you expect?

  • Most people can continue with normal activities. Some will have some redness, pin prick marks. Bruising is possible.
  • The product is injected in small ‘deposits’, you may be able to see them initially, but they settle usually within hours. It may be possible to feel the product where it has been injected under the skin.  It will settle, there is no need to massage.
  • Make-up should not be worn for 12 hours.
  • Avoid sun bathing, and extremes of heat or cold for 14 days post treatment.
  • Any bruising may take a few days to appear, arnica can be helpful in clearing bruising.
  • Tenderness should settle as swelling and bruising goes down.