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Sports Rehab & Recovery

At EQlibrium Clinic Weybridge , we have many treatments for injury prevention, optimum recovery and injury rehabilitation and care.

We treat all sports injuries whether an amateur or professional athlete. Our clients include Premiership and international football players, olympic athletes and rugby players.

We have a huge range of treatments to get you back to premium fitness in the fastest time.

Treatments include

Localised Cryotherapy

G5 Deep Tissue Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy

PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy

It is our mission to get you back to peak fitness as fast as possible.

Injuries can occur in any sporting activity, and sports injury prevention and rehabilitation is a very important part of the athletes life.

The 4 Stages of Complete Rehabilitation
  • Rest and Protect the Injury.
  • Recover Your Motion.
  • Recover Your Strength.
  • Recover Your Function.

Our sports therapies can help prevent injury from overuse,  accelerate your recovery and healing and relieve pain.

Cryotherapy for reducing DOMS, pain relief, increase muscle strength, reduced inflammation and reduce recovery time through stimulating tissue healing and regeneration.

This supports you to recover quicker from your training sessions, allowing you to return to training earlier and enabling you to train harder and more frequently. This can give you the edge over the competition by enabling you to maximise on your efforts and make noticeable improvements to your performance.

BOA pressotherapy

G5 Deep Tissue Massage


Trusted rehabilitation and recovery care

Charlie Colkett Chelsea FC (Footballer)

“The cryotherapy really helped me recover faster and after  the sports massage my legs feel great”

Fikayo Tomori Chelsea FC / AC Milan ( Footballer)