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Meet the team

Natasha Gordana

Clinical Director, advanced aesthetics practitioner & PDO thread Queen.

Natasha opened her clinic initially treating chronic pain, injuries, autoimmune diseases, lymphatic health, post-surgery care and sports rehabilitation and later added aesthetics and injectables, from botulinum toxin and fillers to vitamin injections and more complex procedures such as PDO face, neck & body lifts.

Natasha Gordana-Murray: A Global Pioneer in PDO Thread Expertise and Training on Harley Street & Surrey

In the heart of London’s renowned Harley Street, Natasha Gordana-Murray has emerged as a leading expert and trainer in PDO threads and aesthetic treatments.

Pioneering Excellence on Harley Street & Internationally

Harley Street, synonymous with innovation and excellence in the field of aesthetics, proudly hosts Natasha Gordana-Murray and her groundbreaking work in PDO thread treatments. As the founder and driving force behind Eqlibrium Clinic, Natasha has positioned herself as a pioneer in PDO thread expertise, setting a standard that others aspire to emulate.

Unmatched Expertise in PDO Threads

Natasha’s journey to becoming a world leading PDO thread expert is marked by a dedication to mastery. Her hands-on approach involves personally trying and testing each treatment, ensuring that only the most effective and cutting-edge procedures are offered at Eqlibrium Clinic. The result is not just a clinic but a beacon of expertise, attracting clients globally seeking the best in PDO thread treatments.

Sharing Knowledge Globally

Recognising the global demand for advanced aesthetic training, Natasha later established Eqlibrium Academy to share her wealth of knowledge in PDO thread treatments. Her training programs have become synonymous with quality education, attracting practitioners from all corners of the world eager to learn from the best. Natasha’s commitment to raising industry standards is evident in the success stories of her students, who go on to make a significant impact in their respective fields.

PDO Threads: A Transformative Approach

Natasha’s expertise lies not only in her technical proficiency but also in her transformative approach to PDO threads. She emphasises the natural and contoured results achievable with these threads, steering away from the pitfalls of unwanted volume associated with some traditional filler treatments. Her commitment to biodegradable and collagen-triggering threads showcases a dedication to both safety and effectiveness.

The Art and Science of Aesthetics

Being a leading PDO thread expert is not just about technical proficiency but an understanding of the art and science of aesthetics. Natasha Gordana-Murray’s ability to combine these elements has positioned her as a sought-after practitioner and trainer. Her artistic touch with Botox treatments, subtle eyebrow lifts, and a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy distinguish her as a master in the field with clients travelling both nationally and internationally for her signature PDO facelifts and aesthetic transformations.

Natasha has a passion for science as well as beauty. Natasha believes that when it comes to aesthetics both go hand in hand. It is important to have extensive knowledge of the anatomy & safety procedures but also really be able to visualise and create beautiful natural results for your clients.

A keen entrepreneur, health & wellness have long been her forte. With a desire to constantly learn and develop her skills and explore pioneering new procedures and treatments, Natasha is committed to delivering the best standard of care to her clients.

‘My passion for PDO threads is unrivalled. Initially, I trained in threads under a maxillofacial surgeon and have since trained with some of the best doctors in the world.  I have perfected my own signature techniques that deliver the most amazing results. PDO threads are the most groundbreaking development in anti-ageing. What we can achieve with these threads is phenomenal. From Lifting, rejuvenation, and creating structure & volume to all-over body tightening!

I offer a huge range of treatments from botox, fillers, skin boosters and more and I am  constantly seeking the best new products and treatments to keep at the forefront of the industry.

I believe I can make most people look at least 10 years younger as well as refreshed, balanced and beautified.

I also undertake corrective and complicated work. I have worked on many clients who have been in car accidents, suffered strokes, bells palsy or were born with facial defects to correct asymmetry or create improved balance or features.

I enjoy seeing my client’s confidence grow.”

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Beth Godfrey

Aesthetician & clinical assistant

Micro-Needling, Dermaplaning & Skin Expert

Welcome to the world of skincare expertise, where precision meets artistry, curated by Beth, our skincare expert at Eqlibrium Clinic.

With a passion for enhancing natural beauty and a keen eye for detail, Beths journey into the world of aesthetics has been marked by a commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and an unwavering dedication as Natashas clinical assistant for three years.

Holistic Approach to Skincare:

At Eqlibrium Clinic, Beth embodies a holistic approach to skincare, understanding that beauty is not just skin deep. Her personalised treatments extend beyond micro-needling, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of individual skincare needs. Clients experience a journey where education, care, and transformation coalesce, guided by Beth’s expertise.

Weybridge and Harley Street

With a dual presence in Weybridge and Harley Street, Beth ensures that clients in both locations receive the pinnacle of skincare excellence. Whether seeking micro-needling magic in the tranquility of Weybridge or the heart of London’s aesthetic hub, clients benefit from Beth’s expertise tailored to their unique beauty aspirations.

Elena Vinokurova

Cosmetic Gynaecologist and Cosmetologist

Elena worked as a doctor, gynaecologist and cosmetologist in Russia.

In  2006 Elena graduated from Mordovia State University with a specialist degree in General Medicine.

In 2006-2008 worked as a resident Ophthalmologist before undertaking an internship in Gynaecology, an industry where she remained.

In 2019 she continued further supplementary education in the Aesthetics of Gynaecology and later in the year undertook further qualifications in Cosmetology as well as continued qualifications in aesthetics in both Russia and the UK.

Elena specialises in feminine intimate rejuvenation & cosmetic gynaecology at EQlibrium Clinics.

Redefining Confidence and Wellness through Cosmetic Gynecology

Elena is committed to empowering women on their journey to enhanced confidence and well-being. With a wealth of experience and a genuine understanding of the intimate nature of cosmetic gynecology, Elena brings a personalised touch to each client’s experience. Operating from  locations in both Harley Street and Weybridge, Elena specialises in procedures that blend aesthetics with function. She is devoted to helping women embrace their bodies with renewed self-assurance.


Semi Permanent Make Up Specialist

Lauren is our semi permanent make up expert. Trained by the best, Lauren is a truly master of her craft.

Crafting Timeless Beauty through Semi-Permanent Makeup

With a passion for enhancing natural features and a meticulous eye for detail, Lauren transforms her clients into the best versions of themselves. Specialising in semi-permanent makeup techniques, Lauren offers services that go beyond trends, focusing on enhancing individual beauty that stands the test of time. From perfectly defined brows to subtly enhanced lips, Lauren’s artistry is a celebration of natural elegance.

Offering all brows, lip blush and eyeliner permanent makeup treatments at EQlibrium Clinic in Weybridge Surrey.

Dr Raj

Dr Raj

General Practitioner

Profile under construction.

Sophie Wedlock- Smith

Independent BANT Registered Nutritional therapist

Sophie offers nutritional plans supported by evidence-based science. She achieves results for her clients leading to increased energy, balance weight, stress, quality of life and improved health.

Sophie had a great deal of knowledge in supporting patients to improve their immune systems & find natural balance whilst working closely with her patient’s own doctors.

She is passionate about creating positive change in people’s lives through health and wellbeing, whilst making the journey to your ultimate health goal achievable and enjoyable. Sophie also works with employers to provide tailored corporate wellness programs designed to compliment your business culture & requirements. Sophie offers wellbeing presentations & workshops, one-to-one nutritional consultations & health awareness days.

It’s hard to put into words the confidence Natasha has given me, and the incredible transformation she has performed on my face.
She is so knowledgeable, highly professional, and an absolute perfectionist. I will never go anywhere else from now on, and I am not joking when I say she has taken 10 years off me.
So whether you want Botox, fillers or the best kept secret in the world of aesthetics - the life changing PDO threads, do not trust anyone else with your features. You absolutely could not be in better hands.

CharliePDO Thread Lift